Web- and App Developer

I support companies to develop professional and functional web and app applications using current technologies like PHP, JavaScript, Node.JS, Python, Swift as well as Java.


I focus on highly available web and app applications. Thereby, I am working with cloud providers like AWS, Google and Azure. I also set up my own cloud infrastructure with...

Data Analysis

Improving applications without analysing user and system information is nowadays impossible. I support your buisiness to improve your applications by finding potential application improvements with professional data analysis methods.

About me

I am 23 years old and passionated developer. I am working as a web developer for about 8 years, finished various projects and worked for many companies. In the beginning, I focused on backend technologies but switched now more to frontend (JavaScript with React) development. Since the last years, I...



Freelance Developer

Since 2013, I support several companies in the creation and maintenance of scalable web applications in the cloud. As a certified AWS solution architect, I mainly focus on web applications...

Informatics (M. Sc.) study at TU Munich

I am facinated of computers and technology since beeing a child. I decided thereby to study informatics at the excellent Technical University of Munich.

Co-founder of Startup allergen.is

A new law was In the end of the legislated in the end of the year 2013 so that every packaged product has to declare allergens. We developed an application...